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Moving into the digital era through GIS mapping is an important step for any organization in which spatial information is important. But then, how do you store, manage and use that information efficiently, including making it accessible to everyone who needs it? Seisland carefully considered that issue, and developed a powerful solution: TriliGIS.

TriliGIS provides an on-line, customized digital view of all your assets – every facility, pipeline and much more. It’s available on-line, 24/7, creating a one-stop-shop that integrates all your spatial and non-spatial information – not only GIS maps, but images, forms and spreadsheets, all tied together and available in one place. TriliGIS thereby helps your company make better-informed decisions, from planning through field operations and data archiving.

What we often find is that an organization’s mapping information is scattered, with much of it remaining on paper only. Information may be siloed – with one team unaware of what another group might have. Types of information are disconnected, with forms, photos, landholder information and asset information stored separately from the GIS maps and each other. Virtually nothing is interactive – information flows largely by e-mail and pdf attachments. Teams don’t communicate efficiently and information flow is disorganized, with key individuals and subcontractors left out of the loop.

TriliGIS overcomes all of those obstacles. It is an integrated digital repository for all mapping and related asset information, available live on-line. It was developed in-house by Seisland, is ESRI-based, was rolled out in 2010 and continues to be updated and improved. TriliGIS lets you leap from rolled-up paper maps, spreadsheets and filing cabinets directly to the Cloud.

Our secure system stores and organizes all of your GIS and related non-spatial data, providing an intuitive, easy-to-use interface with extensive display, querying, and reporting capabilities. With a few clicks, TriliGIS lets you go from a regional view to detailed, localized views of your project area. With a single monthly subscription fee, you can authorize as many users as you like, from your exploration team to facility superintendents to HSE managers.

The information-sharing power built into TriliGIS lets your company reduce internal overhead and operate more efficiently. You can easily gather input for drilling or facility construction plans, avoid conflicting operations (like seismic field work coinciding with well-site construction).

Seisland survey information is integrated with TriliGIS maps.

The TriliGIS user portal is here.