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What TriliGIS Holds

TriliGIS holds everything and anything related to the client’s assets, whatever is required. The beauty of TriliGIS is that its power extends beyond new or recent maps built in GIS, to encompass imagery, forms, spreadsheets and even legacy paper maps.

We can go far beyond merely scanning old maps and storing them as “dead” or non-interactive pdf’s that fail to contribute to your overall archive. Instead, Seisland can digitize all of the information on your hard-copy maps, archiving them once and for all. That means those old maps gain new usefulness – and can be updated digitally as new GIS-based information becomes available. This approach also makes the wealth of knowledge embedded in those old paper maps available to a much larger audience across your company.

TriliGIS is built with customizable information fields attached to each object on the map, such as wells, pipelines and residences. This supports the powerful suite of customizable queries. Map layers can be individually selected, and layers selectively printed. You can zero in on an area and view every physical asset in detail, including the data attached to each object, like a well’s production composition and volume, or a residence’s contact information. You can overlay a plume model to aid in emergency response planning. Users can edit their own spatial data online and perform many other functions. Click here for a demonstration.