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The User's Perspective

Here is what TriliGIS provides, from the perspective of potential users.

Corporate Asset Manager

“The maps Seisland’s GIS group prepared for us are extremely useful. Our asset information is clear and concise – as well as complete – and the maps are very easy to work with. I’m not a ‘map guy’ but Seisland’s people made me understand what they had built in a simple telephone conversation. Then they told me that the maps would be available online for me to interact with. What more could you ask for?”

Regional Operations Manager

“For me the greatest benefit of TriliGIS is that I can see all my projects at once. I can look at a job in Lloydminster and then in Grande Prairie, all in one easy-to-use application, and not have to go chase people for maps and documentation.”

ERP Manager

“Being able to see our Emergency Response Plan from anywhere is more than just very convenient. I can also query residents for information and run various emergency planning zone scenarios. It’s also a relief knowing the attention to detail that went into the security aspects of TriliGIS.”

Community Relations Manager

“Now when doing community meetings we can easily bring up a map right in our open houses and give residents the interactive visual they have always asked for. Also, being able to make the map public and invite community leaders to view the map online for themselves is a great feature.”

Plant Operator

“Working in the field at our facility, we finally have that visual tool that puts the head office people virtually here. Not only was the 3D laser scan we did a benefit to us and our engineers, but being able to access it through TriliGIS 24/7 finally lets our office see exactly what we’re seeing.”

Corporate Legal Counsel

“Working on the legal team, we did not initially see the benefit of TriliGIS and 3D scanning. But now that we have access to view and interact with the data, it’s like we made a site visit without having to leave the office. Simply puts everything into perspective.”