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How It Works

TriliGIS integrates all information – maps, imagery, surveys, plant drawings, forms, spreadsheets, stakeholder information, associated photos and reports. Whatever you want to put in – for every asset you own. In designing, developing and operating the TriliGIS software, Seisland made the commitment to purchase an ESRI ArcGIS Server licence, the GIS industry’s gold standard, key to ensuring reliable operation at the high technical level that TriliGIS occupies. TriliGIS is hosted off-site in a secure Tier 3+ data centre.

GIS data entered into TriliGIS is stored digitally in databases, enabling the user to employ the same archive of data to build various customized maps according to their particular needs and uses. There’s virtually no limit to the information that can be stored in layers and recalled through custom queries. New information entered into the archive is immediately available and displayed maps instantly reflect the data.

TriliGIS can be made available to every user you authorize within your company, and pricing is subscription-based with various time-frames available.