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Advantages and Benefits

Some oil & gas company’s maps and related information can be siloed – various departments are unable to share and access valuable data – possibly not all their data is in digital format. There are real-life instances where different departments in a company have been known to purchase the same expensive data sets; the company‚Äôs personnel did not have the tools to be able to quickly query what data was available throughout their entire organization and obtain easy access to it. If the maps and information were made available digitally throughout the organization, significant personnel time savings, data cost savings, increased communication within all personnel, office and field, would ultimately benefit the bottom-line of the organization.

Here is why TriliGIS is your most effective platform to manage GIS data and related asset information:

Outstanding usability – Information is stored in a database, in layers with customizable fields attached to each map object, plus attachable forms. This enables customized queries, map displays and reports. You’ll be impressed at your information management capabilities.

Cloud-based – You and every other authorized user have password-protected, 24/7 access to TriliGIS anywhere that has Internet service. TriliGIS is subscription-based, and Seisland offers a number of subscriber levels. You get to choose (and change, if desired) the authorized users, up to the number permitted by your subscription level.

Intuitive navigation – A simple structure using drop-down menus and right-clicking for tools makes TriliGIS a fast, familiar environment for computer users. No computer language or coding is required.

Instant updates – TriliGIS requires no special software that ends up residing on a department server or someone’s PC. All your data updates are available to every authorized user as soon as they are entered. And you are always using the latest TriliGIS version.

Detailed environmental monitoring and emergency response – Detailed asset management helps minimize response times by having all relevant information – and powerful functionality like plume modelling – available when you need it. TriliGIS lets you enter and manage contact information in your own customized forms for all residents and businesses in your emergency planning zones. A safe and efficient ERP execution, with all the people and households needing to be informed available on spreadsheets stored in TriliGIS, is available to you through a few mouse clicks from any computer or mobile device.

Better internal communication – No one need “remember” where maps or records are stored. Data that is integrated – not siloed or scattered – gets the relevant information to the parties who need it.

Deeper collaboration and expedited decision-making – Allowing users to mark up and edit data, and share information, means that they can easily exchange ideas with other authorized users. This is a leap beyond e-mailing pdf’s. That enables all your teams to collaborate efficiently, regardless of where they are located. Being able to regularly add data through a project’s lifecycle also makes TriliGIS great for progress reporting, evaluation and auditing by various stakeholders.