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Access and Security

Using the client’s e-mail address, our secure application allows the user to login and view only the maps to which they have been given access. The user can then view their map(s) in various layers and features.

The powerful TriliGIS suite of tools allows the user to toggle on/off data layers, zoom/pan, query, import data, analyze and create a variety of reports. The user can also attach an assortment of files to the overall map or to specific points, lines, or polygons. TriliGIS’ functionality goes beyond the traditional feature/attribute information, as we work with the client to incorporate their own custom forms so they can view/edit the information in a way they are accustomed to.

TriliGIS has strong security. It is an “https” site with 128-bit encryption, and is hosted off-site, in Alberta, by a Tier 3+ data centre with secured access, backup power and other multiple redundancies. Seisland’s developers built TriliGIS on the industry-standard mapping platform, ESRI. This ensures that data interoperability is possible with all kinds of formats. Software is continually maintained, to keep current with industry standards.

Here’s how to build your TriliGIS presence:

1. Organize your spatial and non-spatial information – or have us do it. TriliGIS is configured to efficiently build up your database and build interactive maps.

2. Add legacy data. This includes GIS or hard-copy maps, spreadsheets, photos and forms. Everything you own that’s relevant – from any department and any vintage – can be integrated into TriliGIS. We can import, scan or digitize your hard-copy information once and for all.

3. Load vital information about each project, regardless of location. Gaining 24/7 access to contact information for area residents, businesses and emergency services will speed up your emergency response.

4. Start accessing your maps and data through TriliGIS. TriliGIS is intuitive and user-friendly, requiring only limited training (which Seisland can provide), and operates on any computer, tablet or mobile device.