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Service Lines - Quick Overview

Geospatial surveying and mapping – Seisland provides everything from survey design and permitting to delivery of digital maps and GIS data to our clients, anywhere across Canada, including the Northwest Territories. All digital data can be archived in TriliGIS for easy on-line access and integration with client data.

3D laser scanning – Safe, accurate and efficient, Seis-Scan 3D laser surveys have many applications in oil and natural gas fields and facilities, mines, power generating installations, infrastructure, construction, agriculture, municipal operations, environmental management and more. They cover large or small areas, indoors and outdoors. Survey data can be integrated with the customer’s data and related documents using TriliGIS.

Geographic information systems – Seisland has provided dependable GIS services since the mid-90’s. Our GIS capabilities enable us to fully digitize our survey projects, and we also provide GIS services to emergency response companies and enterprise database remediation projects. Seisland’s TriliGIS system takes GIS to the next level, creating a one-stop digital shop for a company’s complete spatial and non-spatial project information, with secure online access – 24/7.